Guaranteed Rent

"We are proud to do things differently. From the moment we take on a property, we ensure we pay the rent regardless if the tenant pays us or if the property is empty

We understand that landlords want the basics done right - rent on time, the property to be kept immaculate and hassle free renting.

Our scheme encompasses all three and gives our landlords peace of mind"

Naveed Khan

Fixed Rent is the hassle free solution for landlords. Our guaranteed rental scheme gives landlords complete peace of mind, regular secure income and a simple, efficient way to rent their property.

The security of fixing your rental income and your costs, brings peace of mind to landlords, as well as creating a stable platform for accelerated property investment

What does this mean for you?

As a landlord joining our guaranteed rent scheme, you will benefit from:

  • What every landlord wants - guaranteed rent!
    From when we take over a property, we pay the rent every month regardless if your property is vacant or if the tenants pay us the rent or not. You will know exactly what will arrive in your bank account each month. No nasty surprises.
  • Guaranteed contract start date
    You will not need to wait for tenants to be found or for them to move in before receiving your first months rent payment. As we become your tenant, we guarantee you a contract start date allowing you to budget for the future.
  • No fees
    There are no charges for setting the contract up, no commissions and absolutely no "hidden charges" to pay.
  • We deal with the tenants
    We know life can be busy so to save you the work, we organize and deal directly with the tenants for you.
  • Same day rent payment
    We pay your rent on the same day every month, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to budget more effectively.
  • Free inventory
    We carry out a free photographic inventory with every new guaranteed let contract.
  • Regular inspections
    As part of our scheme, we conduct monthly inspections to ensure your property is secure.
  • Flexible Scheme Available
    We offer 1-5 years scheme and can tailor our package to accommodate your needs.

Contact us today on 020 8830 3841 for a free market appraisal and for further details on our guaranteed rent scheme.